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Welcome to my homepage!


I am an independent scholar who works on the foundations of biology, including the view that organisms are teleological agents in a fully objective sense and the implications of that view for our understanding of the place of the human spirit in nature.


After a checkered career, including a B.A. in Classics (1972) from the University of Texas at Austin and graduate work in the History of Science at Harvard University (M.A. 1976), I received my Ph.D. in History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Notre Dame (Indiana) in 2011. My dissertation was entitled Teleological Realism in Biology.


I am presently working on a book, The Emergence of Freedom: The Sciences and the Human Spirit after Darwin, which will provide a comprehensive framework for understanding life, embodied cognition, and the rational spirit in broadly Aristotelian (essentialist or hylomorphic) terms. Along the way, new interpretations of the notions of freedom and emergence will be developed.